Management Systems TMBS

Our Approach

Enigma QPM carry out two distinct audit activities. Firstly, Enigma QPM has now been appointed by Ofcom as an Approval Body for the third party assessment of Communications Providers under the Ofcom Metering and Billing Approval Scheme. This is a specialist third party audit  activity within the telecommunications industry. Secondly, we provide internal audit services to clients outside the telecommunications industry, as one of our services to companies seeking approval to quality and environmental management system standards.

Why clients choose Enigma QPM to carry out their audits:

'Improving Service Delivery Operations'

We have a leading reputation for carrying out high quality audits that deliver true operational value for organisations. Throughout the process we work with total dedication. We ensure the traditional barriers that often exist between auditor and company are never created in the first place. We view the role of the audit as an essential part of the client feedback process. Our experienced audit team understand the complexities of live operations, so they work with clients to enable them to get the most from any improvement initiative.

We support clients from beginning to end, whether they are new to a scheme or aiming to get additional value from an initiative after struggling for years.

Our clients understand that not everything about their service delivery operations is perfect. So they use our progressive audit approach as a vehicle to learn more about how to improve their customer service delivery.