Management Systems TMBS

How to Apply

Communications Providers (CPs) in the UK are subject to and must comply with General Condition 11 of the Notification under Section 48(1) of the Communications Act 2003. CPs can apply for, obtain and maintain Regulatory Approval once they have obtained a certificate of compliance with the Requirements of the 2017 Ofcom Metering and Billing Scheme. CPs and other organisations which affect end user bill accuracy, such as billing bureaus not governed by the Act can apply for TMBS certification outside the Approval Scheme. That is certification without approval. This is also the case for non-UK organisations seeking approval.

Application forms include a commitment to be bound by Enigma QPMs terms and conditions of certification. Please contact us if you would like to discuss making an application.

Implementation of a Total Metering and Billing System (TMBS)  requires comprehensive initial and ongoing assessment of the applicant’s TMBS against the Direction, together with regular measurement of the TMBS accuracy.

Application for Certification can include any of the following, as per relevant Annexes to the Direction:

Mandatory if over threshold


Ofcom and Enigma  QPM encourage applications from CPs that are under the threshold and for the voluntary schemes. This is in part to prepare for due dilligence, meeting compliance thresholds and changed requirements at a future date. However, the main motivation is to achieve the financial benefits of improved bill accuracy that results from a well implemented TMBS.

Following an initial enquiry by letter, phone, fax or via the Enigma  QPM web site, an application form will be provided on which to make a formal application for TMBS certification and or approval. Formal application is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions of certification. Applicants are subject to strict client confidentiality and can be kept confidential until certification if required.

Applicants are required by the Direction to identify a Senior Manager to manage the relationship with Enigma  QPM and a Billing Accuracy Programme Manager (BAPM) who will be responsible for day to day operational management

Information related to the following is required on the application form:

Enigma QPM will allocate a primary contact person for each applicant. A second contact person, the Client Manager, will also be allocated to each client.