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Background to Total Metering and Billing Systems (TMBS)

Why Service Providers Require Total Metering and Billing System (TMBS) Approval

A Communications Provider’s Metering and Billing System is approved when it meets the requirements of the relevant Ofcom Metering and Billing Direction, the latest issued in 2014. The scheme addresses the requirements of the Communications Act 2003.

Ofcom are concerned that customers should be given assurance about the accuracy of bills received from providers of electronic communications services. The relevant condition (General Condition 11) requires providers of publically available telephony services (PATS) with relevant annual turnover in excess of £40m to seek and obtain approval of their metering and billing systems, from approved third party assessors, against the prescribed standard. Communications Providers (CPs) that do not meet the threshold are encouraged to join the Scheme on a voluntary basis. There is also a voluntary scheme for providers of data services.

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