Management Systems TMBS


All expressions of dissatisfaction with the activities of Enigma QPM raised by applicants, clients or other parties will be recorded, acknowledged within 10 working days and responded to within 20 working days.

Any complaints, appeals or disputes will be captured within this process. Expressions of dissatisfaction can be raised verbally, or by other means to any Enigma QPM contact point. Clients will be allocated an independent Client Manager who is independent of the auditor who carries out the initial evaluation.

Where expressions of dissatisfaction cannot be satisfactorily resolved within 20 working days then the matter will be escalated to Ofcom or another suitable independent body.

Where formal appeals are made against evaluation decisions, then these will be addressed at an appeals committee set up by Enigma QPM, the members of which will be subject to agreement by the appealer. Failure to resolve matters will result in escalation to Ofcom or UKAS.